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Project mottos:
IMPERative of survival is getting INTELlect
furnished with Conscience

The World may be changed to better,
and we have the power for that

Harmonious world in 3rd Millennium,
it is not a mith but reality and necessity!


Initiated by Larisa ROVENSKAYA, President, independent studio Mission Studio International, USA.
and supported by Dr Uladzimir TRATSIAKOU, Director-Organizer, Institute of Intellectual Technologies, RB

Institute of Intellectual Technologies  


Renewal on April 13, 2011

in 1st decade; maybe 2nd be more succesful?
In any case Larisa Rovenskaya, the author of BEAUTY WILL SAVE THE WORLD film project, has any sureness in it. See below


* On the Project and its topicality
* Open Appeal to the World
* Address to Mr. Ban Ki Moon, the UN Secretary-General
State of the Project
* The Studio plans in 2008--2010 period
* ... and in prospect
* Opinions about the Project

Current situation with film project «The Beauty Will Save the World» and TV project «Looking for the Truth, or So Who am I?» (on April 13, 2011)

According to information received of Larisa Rovenskaya, her appeal to take a part in the film project is supported in active way by many script writers, and folder of scenarios is replenished. Now the main object of her concern is TV project. It was planned not only as a prior stage of the film project, but as well as being with the former in mutually replenishing connection. Readiness of the TV project is sufficient now to be occupied with looking for those TV channels, whose leaders will see their interest in production of new TV shows having deepened moral-philosophic-psychological direction.


Mission studio International and Institute of Intellectual Technologies

Larisa Rovenskaya (USA), President of the independent film studio “Mission Studio International”, author of the movies Project “The Beauty will save the World” and TV-Project “So Who Am I?”, and

Dr. Uladzimir Tratsiakou (Republic of Belarus), Director-Organizer of the Institute of Intellectual Technologies, supporting both projects in the scientific and informational way,

• Seeing the coming threat of the civilization destruction,
• Being aware of the personal responsibility for the future generations,
• Expecting understanding and support from the people of good will and free mind,
• Believing in the creative abilities and initiative, and having assessed own resources,
• Admitting different variants of mutual support of the projects,
• Realizing that somebody must take the first step, because it is the high time,
have agreed to announce this joint Declaration that appeals to people’s attention to the necessity of saving the World that is being destroyed...Read more

UDHResp and “BWSW” are supporting one another

Just the very fact that the Draft of Universal Declaration of Human Responsibilities has appears is a support of “Beauty will save the world” project, because that and this initiatives have one common goal, namely the goal to better the moral climate of a society. Moreover, if the draft is getting good response in the world community, finds supporters at the UN. On the other hand, for the draft’s promotion, it is important as well that there is such the cinema project aiming to correct social manners using cinema facilities and remembering about social responsibilities of artistic creators and producers.

Plans of Mission Studio 1. Film studio “Mission Studio International” is organized and acting. Its office is open provided with all the necessary.
2. Website is open
3. The international competition of scenarios is announced. Invitations to take a part at the competition are sent to many countries.
4. There are some scenarios got from film writers different countries.
5. The acquainting letters on the Project are sent to all countries of the World, in particular to heads of the countries, religious and secular persons, media, the UN, UNESCO, other international organizations.
6. Open Letter, an Appeal to people of Earth, is written and sent to media of different countries.
7. Here are the main consultants who are invited to select best competition scenarios and to participate at film production after them:
in philosophy -- Professor Martin Van Goubergen, University of Bruxelles;
in theology -- Professor Lutaurus Kazakevichus, University of Bruxelles;
in psychology -- Professor Igor Belokon, University of Miami.
8. Posts of consultants in ethics and aesthetics are vacant.
9. Professional scenario writer Valery Gusev (Uzbekistan) is invited to be editor for preliminary selection of competition scenarios; first scenarios are sent him.
10. Negotiations are gone with professors of cinema universities to have formed "Editorial collegium for selection of competition scenarios".

Opinions about the Project

L.R.: I have been writting the Project in 3 years carrying on big reseach in areas of terrorism and geopolicy. I have done the biggest discovery fo myself: all hate and malice existing on Earth are going from loss of the main moral and ethical principles and values, and spiritual knowledge. Analizing the causes and effects, who are terrorists, I have seen that all they are believers who forgot or disregarded the main Creator's commandments being ground principles for civilization people, not for believers only.
... The Project is unique because there was no attempt in the history of cinema and television to change in planned manner human thinking via the appeal to their souls. For all the history of civilization nobody but the church was occupied with it, and the project “The Beauty Will Save the World” is devoted to fulfil that important mission.
... Such the lines are helpng me very much:
«One must live high touching stars with arms,
as this life is an episode in the destiny only.»

U.T. (from my the first letter on Larisa's appeal): I can't remind other letter having given me bigger pleasure than yours. Because at Internet desert is found a human being who has responded, who shares your the very importante principles, who, as you do, may not be agree with something and is trying to change it. It appears we won't have died from modesty, because both attempt upon not anything another but upon the human nature. How I may not say you thank you very much for that!

U.T.Larisa's project I apprehended at once as an affair which I can't refuse from. Moreover, I had nothing similar of the kind in my thoughts. Judge for yourself how may be otherwise if on Februar 14, 2002, St. Valentine day, I posted for web Forum driven by Club of Rome my appeal Get involved into the world-wide project: "Happiness On Earth the Planet", where I argued that the problem of happiness on Earth absorbs into it all the complex of problems facing the Humankind, and as that not to be overwhelmed under weight of the problem, it should be discussed by "all the world", since there are possibilities for that, Internet. After discussion at the Forum the text appearedFor all that, happiness on Earth is possible. A participation of artistic intelligentsia in actions against violance and terrorism as global phenomena was foreseen there as well, and that is why Larisa Rovenskaya promoting her international project "The beauty will save the World" saw I have a kindred soul.
I have such an idea that supporting her Project I take a part in a noble but hopeless affair (but even if so I would support it). No, her Project has not smal chances to be realized, at least to a considerable extent. Guarantee is her experience of succesful cinema producer, taking a part in creation and promotion of about 90 films, fiction and documentary ones, what gives evidence of her big organization talent.
For me is important that Larisa Rovenskaya's Project, being realized as if partially, will make for overcoming the clasterization of intellectual workers and moving the world nearer to creation of hopeful, self-supported and then beautiful system of civilization security.


* Dialogue on human civilization
* Imperatives of Humankind survival
* The mind and the heart used to oppose one another>(in Russian)
* On civilization and strategical bankrupcy of intelligent people in the civilization process(in Russian).
* Creation of the system of civilization security in the third millennium>.
* Криминальный диагноз: узкоумие>
* Диалог о человеческой цивилизации
* Императивы выживания человечества
* The UN is asked on supporting the Project
* Doug BOUCHANAN(Alaska) said on the Project
* ... and reply by Dr U.Tratsiakou with objections
* Supporting the Project by Prof. Mickalay KRUKOUSKY's article The Brighting Heighsts of the Ideal
* ... and U.Tratsiakou's article On the intelligent people, not realized themselves

* An idea for «Beauty Save the World» project

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